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How to Optimise eCommerce Sites for Search Engines?
The Key Takeaways on how to optimize eCommerce sites for Search Engines and be reachable to the most customers
Have an online store or an eCommerce Store? Great! Do you know that in 2021 almost 2.4 billion people worldwide shop online compared to about 1.66 billion people in 2016? So, your online shopping website can get rocket sales, but hey, it is no magic! You need to optimize eCommerce sites for Search Engines to get that kind of dream sales. The best eCommerce development company in Toronto has been able to manoeuvre the sales by optimizing the website, making it SEO perfect, and getting the graphs to soaring sales.
The Key Takeaways on how to optimize eCommerce sites for Search Engines

Website Architecture

Often a responsive website is made on any website. However, for the case of working in an eCommerce development in Toronto, you can rank your website, only if Google is able to crawl to the page, and your sitemaps are executed in the right manner. Ensure that the website architecture has easy clicks, and should be easily accessible on smartphones, laptops, tablets alike.

Website Design

While looking at an eCommerce web design in Toronto, you need it to be attractive, usable, and relatable to your final audience. Let it be minimized, represent the theme of your store, elegant and clutter-free. Plus, the smooth design should help them navigate easily.

Update, Edit, and Filter Content

No old content sells, and that is what you need to keep in mind while optimizing your eCommerce store. So, if you have a new product, or restock the supplies, have new shopping deals, new blogs, great images, make all the changes every day. It keeps people coming back for new things.

Strategic Page Linking

Don’t just anywhere and everywhere. We don’t people being bombarded with a link farm as they enter a page. Use heat maps and find the locations which catch their attention and place them accordingly.

Website Usability Navigation

How do you all bugg up when you are stuck up on a website and not sure where to go next? That means you would obviously exit from the website, right?

When we focus on strategic eCommerce website development done in Toronto, one of the major tasks is to fix the site’s navigability. This is like a route map with the right arrows that are visible and guide the user to move from one page to another and even get back to the first page they entered. It should be smooth as silk, with no hiccups whatsoever.


Blogs are the future for perfect SEO optimization in any website. Often companies think if they place keywords in a piece of content, it will rank. No, that is certainly not the case. Google has changed the way it evaluates content.

If your eCommerce online store has to be searched on Google, then give valuable information to the audience. If you keep saying that you are the best online seller in your location, it does not help. That was the old style of digital marketing. For instance, if you are selling Python-related courses, laptop accessories, baby products, vehicle parts, food services, etc, you need to cater to certain topics that are of high search value. Like, let’s say, you could list the niches where Python could make the life of a developer easier. Or perhaps explain what the Log 4j vulnerability is all about. 

About 23% of internet users are keen to make a decision in life after reading a blog. Besides, you get a chance to place links within the blogs and those will facilitate inbound linking.

Keyword Research

Can’t stress this enough, but this is the foundation of Google searches. See, they are here to bring users to their search engines, and therefore they will list only the websites that comply with the perfect keyword combination. So, do your research well.

For this, use Moz, Google Keyword Planner, squeeze in more low competition keywords, take a peep into your competitors (just for comparison – not copy), and yes, add in long-tail keywords.

This keyword research will form the basis of your content for your metadata, URL, blogs, product descriptions; home page, landing pages, and practically everything corner of your online store.

Homepage Optimization

Just as much as you do your keyword research, make sure the home page is intact. Promote the high selling products, use attractive taglines, and entice the audience to click and convert their thoughts into sales.

URL Optimization

Gone are the days when boring literature URLs fit in! Today, add a touch of keywords into your URL and that will amplify the search results. Yes, the URLs should be easy to understand, have no complicated symbols, and be readable by search bots and people like us in a flash. That is how you optimise each of the web page URLs in the right way.

Image Alt Tag Optimization

Of course, if it is an eCommerce website, it will have tons of images. Give all your images the right Alt Tag. It should have keywords and should be descriptive in a crisp manner. These Alt Tags are useful for Google to understand what your image indicates and will crawl when a particular keyword is searched across the web.

Product Page Optimization

This involves a lot of aspects that you have to look at while creating a product page in your online store and includes:

On the last note

You may come across a myriad of optimization stories that are perfect for eCommerce websites, and how to run your online store successfully. Yet, we like to remind you that if the backend works are done seamlessly, backed by a superb team, then you stand a better chance of being ranked in the Search Engines.

If you have read this whole blog, then you must have understood the importance of eCommerce web design in Toronto and also website development to augment the final usage of the website. On a final note, let’s remind you that if your website is useful, easy to navigate, and fits with images that depict your products and services, it is a green signal for better sales on your Ecommerce store in Toronto and Canada.

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